Buy U30 Upright Exercise Bike Gym Machine


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Buy U30 Upright Exercise Bike gym equipment online for sale near me cheap in USA uk Canada NZ Australia

          • Experience a superior ride by plan with the unequaled ergonomics of the industrys generally steady, agreeable and adaptable advance through bicycle. The U30 Upright Bike incorporates selective Dual Form Frame and Comfort Arc Seat.



          • The bigger premium control center highlights a splendid HD touchscreen show to bring your virtual excursions, motion pictures and recordings to life. Incorporates extended Bluetooth availability to client gadgets.
          • The XR console features a clean, bright display that makes it easy for you to check your workout data at a glance, keeping you on track to reach and surpass your goals.


          • The incorporated ViewFit network framework sends exercise information to the wellness applications and apparatuses you as of now use. It additionally makes it simple to share information in your beloved interpersonal organizations.
          • Todays wellness devotee requests something beyond the equipment required for a heart-siphoning exercise. The selective control center projects assist you with following information, associate with interpersonal organizations, access most loved applications and surprisingly go on an excursion while never leaving your home.
          • The Dual Form Frame significantly improves rider stability over single-post designs and offers a low step-through height for easy access.

          • The Comfort Arc Seat is ergonomically moulded to provide unmatched comfort, support and balance during workouts.
          • An optimized Pedal Spacing (a scientific measurement of the distance between the bike’s key elements) improves the application of force during the pedal stroke, making every ride more efficient and easier on your joints.

          • The handlebars change by means of a simple lift switch, and the seat changes with a turn-and-pull handle for an optimal fit. Furthermore, handgrip obstruction controls make it simple to change the degree of challenge without intruding on your exercise.
          • XIR Console

            • DISPLAY TYPE – 16” Class HD touchscreen (40 cm)
            • WIFI ENABLED – Software updates, ViewFit Connectivity, entertainment apps
            • BLUETOOTH ENABLED – Stream audio from the phone, tablet, MP3 player; connect wireless headphones; connect wireless heart rate monitor
            • USB PORT – Software updates, charge device (up to 1 amp); stream media via USB flash drives, Windows phones/tablets, Android phones/tablets
            • SPEAKERS – 5 Watt
            • CONSOLE APPS – Simple, Track, Virtual Active, Change Workout, Weather, MyMedia, Web Browser (other apps vary by market)
            • PASSPORT READY – Yes
            • VIEWFIT CONNECTIVITY – Yes
            • HEART RATE – Wireless heart rate, Polar heart rate strap included
            • CONSOLE EXTRAS – Integrated reading rack, energy saver mode, audio in/out
            • WORKOUT PROGRAMS – 11 Total — Manual, Fat Burn, Rolling Hills, Intervals, Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal, Target HR, Sprint 8, Virtual Active American Northeast, Virtual Active Northern Rockies
            • WORKOUT FEEDBACK – Time Elapsed, Time Goal, Time Remaining, Clock, Miles / Kilometers, RPM, Current Speed (MPH / KPH), Pace, Average Pace, Heart Rate, Peak Heart Rate, Calories, Calories / Hour, METS, Resistance, Last Resistance

            XR Console

            • Display – 8.5″ Extra-wide blue LCD (22 cm)
            • Wifi Enabled – Software updates, ViewFit Connectivity
            • Bluetooth Enabled – No
            • Console Apps – No
            • Passport Ready – Yes
            • Viewfit Connectivity – Yes
            • Heart Rate – Wireless heart rate, Polar compatible
            • Console Extras – Integrated reading rack, energy saver mode
            • Workout Programs – 5 Total — Manual, Intervals, Fat Burn, Target HR, Sprint 8
            • Workout Feedback – Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Miles/Kilometers, RPM, Pace, Heart Rate, Calories, METS, Speed, Resistance


            • FRAME TYPE – Dual Form step-through upright
            • FLYWHEEL – 23.1 lbs
            • RESISTANCE SYSTEM – ECB magnetic braking system
            • PEDAL SPACING – 7.6 in
            • RESISTANCE RANGE – 20 Levels, electronically adjustable
            • FRAME TYPE – Upright
            • FLYWHEEL WEIGHT – 10.5 kg / 23 lbs.
            • SEAT TYPE – Comfort Arc upright seat, interchangeable
            • SEAT ADJUSTMENT – Up / down via turn-and-pull knob
            • HANDLEBAR TYPE – Multi-grip handlebars with resistance toggles and heart rate grips, adjustable console height, interchangeable
            • PEDAL TYPE – Self-balancing pedals with adjustable straps
            • ACCESSORIES – Water bottle holder

            Technical Specifications

            • RESISTANCE – 20 electronic settings
            • STEP-THROUGH – Design
            • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) – 122 x 62 x 143 cm / 48” x 24” x 56”
            • ASSEMBLED WEIGHT – 52 kg / 114 lbs.
            • USER WEIGHT CAPACITY – 159 kg / 350 lbs.
            • USER HEIGHT RANGE – 150 cm – 193 cm / 4’11” – 6’4”
            • ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS – 120V AC power, 15A circuit (voltage may vary outside the USA)
            • POWER SUPPLY – 12V / 2A Power adapter