Buy Compact Standing Leg Press / Calf Raise Combination Gym Machine


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Buy Compact Standing Leg Press / Calf Raise Combination gym equipment online for sale near me cheap in USA uk Canada NZ Australia

  • The Force USA Compact Standing Leg Press/Calf Raise Combination is an incredible lower body strength preparing arrangement that is ideal for carport exercise centers or home exercise centers with restricted floor space. Never skip leg day again with this creative smaller leg press that consolidates a standing leg press, and a calf raise into one adaptable machine.



  • Estimating 65in (165 cm) profound and 52in (132cm) wide, the Force USA Compact Leg Press is intended to utilize the least floor space while permitting you to perform practice varieties to construct unshakable quads, calves and glutes. Created at the ideal point to detach the leg muscles while lessening weight on the spine and joints.
  • Made of weighty measure moved steel tubing with a lifetime underlying guarantee and a weight limit of 660lb (300KG), you realize it’s dependable. The super smooth track gives a full scope of movement start to finish and back up once more. Obliges client statures up to 6 ft 6 in (201cm)
  • The larger than average footplate with non-slip covering estimates 58.5×50.8CM, so you can target various muscles or various pieces of similar muscles by putting your feet more extensive or closer separated or by turning the foot.
  • The Force USA Compact Leg Press highlights 50mm sleeves for Olympic estimated weight plates permitting you to add more weight to maximize every exercise. Changing the back cushion or footplate point and calf block tallness is basic because of business exercise center pop-pins. Self clasping pin situating helps control vicinity to the footplate.
  • Planned with thick hard core high malleable steel and completed in a harmless to the ecosystem powder covering, the Force USA Compact Leg Press will keep going for quite a long time in the future! Partake in a definitive in solace with solid high-thickness froth cushioning shrouded in business vinyl, furnished with a tear stop network support to assist with forestalling tears and tears.
  • Dimensions – 132cm (W) x 165cm (D) x 145cm (H)
  • Sleeve length – 33cm
  • Leg Press plate – 60 cm (W) x 50 cm (L)
  • Back rest – 62cm L x 32cm W
  • Seat pad – 33cm L x 32cm W