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Whoopi Goldberg Will Write About Marijuana, Vaporizers In A New Column For The Denver Post

Whoopi Goldberg, the 58-year-old entertainer and jokester, has joined to compose an every other month maryjane section for The Cannabist, a news and culture site for The Denver Post.

Her articles will zero in on sanctioned sporting cannabis. Goldberg’s absolute first piece seemed this Thursday, where she commended the utilization of her vaporizer, which she calls “Sippy,” and its capacity to fix her glaucoma-initiated migraines. She packs her vape pen with weed and afterward takes little “tastes” of it, which give her relief from discomfort yet don’t get her high, she composes.

“These glaucoma-incited migraines come on like cargo trains — like, BOOM, my head begins harming, my eyes begin messing with, my entire body begins to worry,” Goldberg composes. “However at that point I find [my sippy pen], and it loosens up everything and quiets everything. It assists my head with halting harming, and with glaucoma your eyes throb, and she takes the hurt out. It’s magnificent.”

She proceeds: “The high is unique, as well. It seems like a delicate, warm breeze at the sea shore. It resembles somebody fixing a tight clamp hold, gradually. It’s not overwhelming — and I’m surely not searching for that high. I’m searching for help.”

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